远程教育 Course Schedule Definitions:

OA -异步 (100% Online) All required course activities and proctored events are online and asynchronous (not live). There are no on-campus requirements. 学生 may be required to use test monitoring software, webcams and microphones. 

OS -同步 (100% Online) Some of the class hours will be live through Collaborate. Synchronous (Live) dates and times will be listed in the course schedule. There are no on-campus requirements. 学生 will be required to use webcams and microphones. 

eCampus- eCampus courses may be OA or OS. The courses meet the same definitions as OA and OS above, but the course will be on the eCampus 黑板上 instead of 黑板上 Den.

混合 (>50% to <100% Online) Some of the course is live and some is self-paced with weekly due dates. The live sessions can be on campus or online. See the course schedule for the time and place of the meetings. If the place says TBA, that means the meetings are online through Collaborate. Proctored events can be on campus or online. 



  • Semester schedules and specific course offering vary, so check the course schedule for current offerings.
  • Badge is a requirement for students taking online courses.


Choose a link below to explore options and find more information.

  1. 徽章的培训 - 奥古斯塔 Tech uses 黑板上 Learn for all online classes. To ensure that students are comfortable with accessing and using 黑板上, 徽章的培训 is a tutorial and assessment designed to increase a student's chance of success. The training course is free of charge. 看这个 video demonstration of how to enroll in 徽章的培训.
  2. F.A.Q.s - Find answers to frequently asked questions about distance education classes, 政策, 和程序.
  3. 黑板上 - Go to the 黑板上 login page. Use your Smartweb user name and password to login 黑板上. 学生 will not see courses until the first day of the semester.
  4. 买世界杯app推荐 - Meet the staff of the 远程教育 Office, 买世界杯app推荐, and read attendance and privacy 政策 for online, 混合动力, 以及网络增强课程.
  5. 资源 - Find help topics related to 黑板上, 电脑需要, 咨询服务, 考试监考表, 职业道德, 还有其他资源.

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Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC) hosts a central registration site for online instruction in the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). Online courses from each TCSG college are available through GVTC. 学生 enroll at 奥古斯塔 Tech but may use GVTC to sign up for online courses at any other TCSG college. 访问http://gvtc.tcsg.Edu获取更多信息.